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Cheat Code Two World 2

Berikut ini cheat code Two World 2:

Add experience : # AddExperiencePoints

Have more gold : # Addgold

Add points parameter (endurance, strength …) : # AddParamPoints

Add skill points : # AddSkillPoints


Choose the time of the day : Time # (enter a number between 1 and 255)

Enable God Mode : GOD 0

Disable God Mode : 1 GOD

Here are some additional codes for Two Worlds II

Add experience points: Addexperiencepoints [number]

Full health: Health

Kill your horse: Killhorse

Up one level: Ec.dbg levelup

Put all the attributes to 1000: Ec.dbg iamcheater

Show boat: Eq_boat_01

Show horse: Horse_01 (01 to 04 for different colors)

Teleport where the cursor: Jump2

Unlock all skills: Ec.dbg skills


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